Construction Design Engineer

Construction Design Engineer

  • Post Date:August 1, 2023
  • Apply Before: August 11, 2024
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  • Offered Salary $80,000 - $110,000
    Career Level Manager
    Experience 5 Years
  • INDUSTRY Construction
    Qualification Bachelor Degree
Reno, Nevada 89501, USA.
Job Description

Are you a virtuoso in the realm of construction design, driven by a fervor for crafting blueprints that breathe life into architectural marvels? We are in search of engineers to lead the domain of Construction Design Engineering. If you thrive on innovation, then this role is your stage for professional development.


• Basic Qualifications

Hold a degree in Civil Engineering, Architecture, or a related field—an embodiment of your foundational knowledge and expertise.

Showcase a track record of no less than 6 years, shaping and sculpting the construction design landscape.

Membership in esteemed professional bodies such as ASCE or equivalent underscores your commitment to excellence.

Command proficiency in industry-leading design software, including AutoCAD, Revit, and other relevant tools, demonstrating your mastery.

Seamlessly intertwine technical prowess with project management finesse, propelling construction design projects to new zeniths.

Your communication finesse is as sharp as your technical acumen, nurturing collaboration and fostering innovation.

Fluent in the art of written and spoken English, eloquently articulating your design visions.


• Responsibilities

Spearhead the orchestration and management of construction design projects, adeptly harmonizing vision with execution.

Leverage your design ingenuity to conceive intricate blueprints that transcend conventional boundaries.

Infuse cutting-edge technological advancements into your design paradigm, shaping the future with tools like BIM, AI, and sustainable methodologies.

Set the gold standard for design protocols, meticulously crafting and implementing guidelines that pave the way for impeccable project delivery.

Foster seamless collaboration with cross-functional teams, external consultants, and stakeholders, forging a symphony of ideas and expertise.

Cultivate the knowledge ecosystem by imparting your wisdom through mentorship and engaging design-focused workshops.

Embark on this journey of design brilliance, becoming a linchpin in the evolution of construction aesthetics and functionality. Your visionary ideas and proactive disposition will redefine the contours of construction design. Join us in sculpting a legacy that transcends the ordinary.